Nyok.jpgAs a proactive member of the Omaha society, I am immersed in the community with experience in youth mentoring and organizational leadership. I want to bring the MCC Board to the community, which means diversity and multiculturalism, education that is accessible, and equal opportunities for all starting with education. I hope you follow the campaign as we develop further what this means for students, individuals, and families in Douglas County. I am going to listen to ideas and concerns, and come spring time when there is growth, we will have a dynamic agenda rooted in the concept of an inclusive community.


Nyok Kuoiloi is running for Metropolitan Community College Board of Governors for the District 2 seat. Nýok’s cause and story is about education as a way forward. Here are basic items that show Nýok Küoiloi is a serious candidate, not the same old stuff.

MAINTAIN THE CURRENT TAX LEVY: Maintaining current funding for MCC operations will keep a robust curriculum, boost support for student educational scholarship, and provide for the long-term economic prosperity of our society.

APPRECIATE THE ARTS: Nyok supports the Visual Arts programs, and languages. Arts create beauty and enriched human development. Tax cuts take away courses that transform our students into whole human being.

IMPROVE QUALITY OF TRANSPORTATION: Transportation for our students to Elkhorn campus has been very difficult. It is time to make transportation accessible for our students. Nyok will provide leadership to strengthen strong relationship with Metro Transit.

INCREASE STUDENT ENROLLMENT: MCC must shore up career pathways that bring new students to the campuses, for traditional students, nontraditional students, and lifelong learners, who want to enrich their skills.

INVOLVE STUDENTS, FAMILIES, AND TAXPAYERS.: When elected, Nyok will engage taxpayers in discussions through neighborhood association groups in our district and will meet voters where they are. When elected, Nyok will engage families and taxpayers through a quarterly bulletin newsletter and will push to broadcast board meetings online.

Get to know Nyok

Nyok Kuoiloi is an experienced advocate, activist, and youth mentor. Nyok has fought to free low income families from the chain of poverty through education, healthcare services, and as an AmeriCorp Vista.

Students and their families represent the future of Omaha in terms of diversity, innovation, and potential. Metro Community College directly and indirectly touches the lives of nearly all of us most importantly the contributions of its students affect us all. Nyok believes in the American principle that everyone should have the ability to rise above cultural and economic barriers to pursue the many opportunities that higher education offers. Metro Community College is in an unique position to offer those opportunities. The Metro Community College Board of Governors job is to ensure that Metro Community College can provide equal opportunity to learn, grow, and to work toward success.

Higher education serves as the catalyst for continued growth and development it often begins with the innate curiosity to learn more. Nyok’s experience in higher education sparked his passion to pursue a degree in Political Science to really affect changes in civic engagement.

This passion transformed his life and ultimately led him to obtain a Masters in Public Administration and a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Pennsylvania State University. He worked as an tutor and mentor to students through a Gannon University Program that trained local high school students. 


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